Healthier Habits – October 2021 – Mental Health Month

Healthier Habits – October 2021 – Mental Health Month

October is National Mental Health Month, an initiative of Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA). It encourages us to think about our mental health and well-being in our everyday lives and prioritise seeking help when needed. October 10 marks World Mental Health Day, and the message this year is simple – ‘Look after your mental health, Australia’.

For the month of October, the team at West Gippsland Libraries will be following along with the calendars released by MHFA. While we know that mental health is more than a one month focus, these calendars a full of simple tips and daily ideas and are a great way to become more aware of your mental health needs. MHFA have released the calendars in formats suitable for general audiences, young adults, families, older Australians, and workplaces. Even if you don’t complete every challenge, we encourage you to embrace new opportunities and pick a few ideas from the list to try out this month.



Make a mental health promise – 

Head over to the MHFA website to make a mental health promise. It’s a great way to promise yourself to look after your own wellbeing. You can create your own promise or select one from the list that resonates with you.


October Recommendations –

We are reading – Corona Anxiety

We are living through a worrying time, but there are things you can do to help manage your anxiety during the coronavirus crisis. This compact and friendly guide offers tips on staying calm and finding inner strength, along with methods of self-care and things you can do to spread kindness and hope in your community. This title is available to download as an e-book on BorrowBox.

Podcasts we love – Bryony Gordon’s Mad World 

Listen to Intimate conversations about getting unwell – and getting better – with Bryony Gordon. Each week Bryony interviews household names, nurses on the frontline and everyday people about how their mental health has been affected by events in their own lives. Listen on TuneIn, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.

October events –

Extra Support

The opinions and recommendations in this blog do not replace advice from your doctor or mental health practitioner. If you feel like you need further support, you can access many free mental health helplines, support websites, online counselling, web forums, interactive toolkits, one-on-one counselling and group therapy sessions. Please visit the Better Health website for a comprehensive list of services




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Celia Pacquola and Osher Gunsberg both have current documentaries out; Celia: Truth about anxiety on ABC and Osher; A matter of life and death on SBS. They both speak very openly about their own troubles and daily struggles, but talk with other young people experiencing mental health issues too. 
One great thing about both documentaries is the suggested help avenues and ways to cope/deal with it. They stress the need to reach out to friends, family and professionals and not feel you need to suffer alone in silence. 
Having lost a very close friend to suicide, I know how well some people hide what is truly going on inside their minds.
It surprised me to see how bad Celia’s anxiety issues really are, it must be exhausting to always put up that facade. 
Keep in touch with your loved ones and close friends, even those that you just interact with on social media – if you notice anything different in someone’s behaviour, reach out. You never know how much you might help them, by just letting them know you’re thinking of them.

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